West Hull Ladies
1000 Kilometre Club



April target 333Km

1. Kate Bowers 457
2. Carol Miller 444
3. Ros Barbour 346
4. Suzanne Clarkson 341
5. Anghared Shepherdson 311
6. Jan Ainley 156

2023 Achievers

1. Jenny Henderson - 18th August
2. Amanda Dean - 28th September
3. Camilla Walker - 18th October
4. Kerry Cawkwell - 19th October
5. Emily McIntyre - 22nd October
6. Gail Farr - 4th November
7. Sara Ellis - 29th November
9. Maria Diaz - 12th December
10. Karen Watkins - 14th December
11. Jan Ainley - 18th December
12. Sarah Rial - 29th December
13. Anna Shepherdson - 30th December
14. Kate Bowers - 31st December

Blue=completed 1000M and 1000K

2022 Achievers

1. Sam Thompson - 18th August
2. Kim McBirnie - October
3. Lynne Parkin - October
4. Sara Ellis - 7th December
5. June Beadle - 13th December
6. Felicity Williamson - 27th December
7 & 8. Sarah Wilson - Suzanne Clarkson
29th December
9. Anna Shepherdson
30th December
10 & 11. Maria Diaz - Helen Pickering
New Year's Eve

What is the 1000 Kilometre Club?

It is an award presented to any club members (first or second claim) who run or run/walk 1000 Kilometres in a year.

The results must be verifiable for example, using Strava or Garmin.

The first year of this goal being acknowledged is 2021. The tracking runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Those reaching the distance are presented with the 1000 Kilometre Badge at the Annual Presentation dinner in the following year.

Target Mileage

To reach the goal on average you need to run:
20K (12 miles) each week
83K (52 miles) per calendar month

1000 Kilometre Badge


The validity of each result will be assessed at the Committee meeting prior to the Annual Presentation dinner.

The miles should be running miles. Walks (including Nordic Walking) must not be logged.

Running and walking during distance events is acceptable.

Walking intervals during, for example, speed work sessions or 0-5K build ups are acceptable.

Using the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run technique is acceptable.

Note If you acheive the 1000 mile badge you can also receive the 1000 kilometre badge if you cover both distances in the year (Total 1622 miles).

2021 Achievers

Congratulations Jo Drysdale 4th September
Club Record fastest to 1000K
Congratulations Sandra Holdsworth - 14th September
Club Record fastest to 1000 + 1000
3. Sara Ellis 3rd October

4. Anna Cartwright 1st October
5. Sarah Wilson 29th October
6. Gail Farr 10th November
7. Maria Diaz 14th November
8. Janet Ainley 16th? November
9. Chantal Cable 21st November
10. Samantha Page 25th November
11. Jane Allen 3rd December
12. Eleanor Grieves 9th December
13. Anna Shepherson 15th December
14. Helen Pickering 22nd December
15. Jan Draper 24th December
16. Kerry Taylor 27th December
17. Linda Dodsworth 28th December
18. Cath Dyson 29th December
19. Joanne Townsend 29th December

Blue=completed 1000M and 1000K

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