West Hull Ladies
1000 Mile Club


WHL 2020 Challenge

1. Amy Bradley - 2nd August
2. Cath Dyson - 20th August
3. Rachel Whitaker - 30th August
4. Amanda Dean - 30th August

More 2020 Hopefuls

Jan D


What is the 1000 Mile Club?

It is an award presented to any first claim club members who run or run/walk 1000 Miles in a year.

The results must be verifiable for example, using Strava or Garmin.

The first year of this goal being acknowledged is 2020. The tracking runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Those reaching the distance are presented with 1000 Mile Badge at the Annual Presentation dinner in the following year.

A number our ladies are currently working towards this goal.

1000 Miles Badge

2020 Achievers


Note: The validity of each result will be assessed at the Committee meeting prior to the Annual Presentation dinner.
The miles should be running miles. Walks should not be logged.
Running and walking during distance events is acceptable. Walking intervals during, for example, speed work sessions or 0-5K build ups are acceptable.

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