West Hull Ladies
100K Club


London to Brighton in May 2014 to raise funds for a young persons' charity
I crossed the line and got my medal and a glass of champagne ... at about 4 in the morning!

Ann London Brighton

Zoe and Sally completed 100K as a Female pair the Thunder Run 2014

Zoe and Sally 2014

Zoe repeated the feat in 2015

Rachel (pairing with Linda) completed her 100K at the Thunder Run 2016

Rachel A

What is the 100K Club?

It is an award presented to any club members who run 100K in a 24 hour period in an official event with verifiable results or our club event

Those reaching the distance are presented with a club 100K hoodie at the Annual Presentation dinner.

Six of our ladies have achieved this amazing feat:

Ann Holmes - May 2014
Sally Widdowson - July 2014
Zoe Jameson - July 2014
Liz Draper - June 2016
Rachel Anderson - July 2016
Jan Draper - June 2017
Linda Dodsworth - July 2017

We are very proud of our impressive ladies.

Hoodie Ann sporting the 100K Hoodie
Jan Celebrates
100K 2017

Jan and Liz competed as Mum-Daughter pair at Endure 2016 and 2017
Liz achieved 100K both years

Jan completed 100K in 2017

Liz and Jan

Linda completed her 100K at the Thunder Run 2017 in tough rain/mud conditions


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