West Hull Ladies
500 Kilometre Club


2024 Challenge

April Target 167km

1. Jayne Atkins 245
2. Joanne Drysdale 218
3. Zia Gogui 151
4. Kerry Cawkwell 142
5. Vicky Smith 133
6. Rebecca Price 119
7. Vicky Hudson 96

What is the 500 Kilometre Club?

It is an award presented to any club members (first or second claim) who run or run/walk 500 Kilometres in a year.

The results must be verifiable for example, using Strava or Garmin.

The first year of this goal being acknowledged is 2024. The tracking runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Those reaching the distance are presented with the 500 Kilometre Badge at the Annual Presentation dinner in the following year.

Target Mileage

To reach the goal on average you need to run:
10K (6 miles) each week
42K (26 miles) per calendar month

500 Kilometre Badge


The validity of each result will be assessed at the Committee meeting prior to the Annual Presentation dinner.

The miles should be running miles. Walks (including Nordic Walking) must not be logged.

Running and walking during distance events is acceptable.

Walking intervals during, for example, speed work sessions or 0-5K build ups are acceptable.

Using the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run technique is acceptable.

Note If you acheive the 1000k badge you can also receive the 500k kilometre badge if you cover both distances in the year (Total 1500k).

2024 Achievers

This will be updated at the end of the year

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