West Hull Ladies
50K Club


Liz H Endure Leeds 2019

50K Liz H Endure

Deja Vu
Jane Allen

Amy (& Liz N) 50K
HOTH 2019

50K Amy HOTH

Amanda 50K HOTH 2018

50K Amanda HOTH

What is the 50K Club?

It is an award presented to any first claim club members who cover 50K within a 12 hour period in an official event with verifiable results or our club event

Those reaching the distance are presented with a club 50K Tee Shirt at the Annual Presentation dinner (see below).

HOTH August 2019
Sharron Wiley, Cath Dyson, Andrea Thomson Deja Vu: Liz Nicholson 2019 HOTH

Midsummer Madness 2019
Rebecca Johnson, Anna Cartwright, Maria Diaz, Rachel Whittaker 2019 Midsummer Madness
Deja Vu: Jo Drysdale, Liz Nicholson, Verity Pick & Amanda Dean

Nine ladies achieved this 2018-19:

Amy Brewster & Liz Nicholson 2019
Amanda Dean 2018
Verity Pick 2018
Jill Jameson 2018
Jane Allen, Sharron Wiley, Anna Shepherdson & Jo Drysdale 2018

2018-19 Presentation
50K Tee Shirt Awards - 2019 Presentation Evening

Verity 50K Lyke Wake Walk 2018

50K Verity LWW

Jill Endure Leeds 2018

50K Jill

Jo, Jane, Sharron and Anna 50K Midsummer Madness 2018

MM 2018

50K Tee
50K Tee

Deja Vu
Woldsman 50 April 2019
Verity Pick & Amanda Dean

Note: You cannot earn 100K in 24 hoodie and 50K in 12 Tee Shirt at the same event.

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