West Hull Ladies
50K Club



Lakeland Ultra July 2024
Gail Farr5

Woldsman 50 April 2024
Verity Pick5 & Rebecca King


Lakeland Ultra July 2023
Gail Farr4 6,558ft climbing!

Leeds Endure July 2023
Stacy Foxworthy4 (8:08)
Anna Cartwright4 (8:41)
Cath Dyson4
Jackie Foreman4
Kerry Taylor4

Dalby Inferno 2023
Shelley Hindley3 (9:31)


Chalklands Way Ultra November 2022
Gail Farr3 (40 miles)

Lakeland Trails Ultra July 2022
Gail Farr2 (10:32)

Leeds Endure July 2022
Cath Dyson3 (50 miles)
Anna Cartwright3 (40 miles)

Virtual Challenge June 2022
Kerry Taylor3 & Jackie Foreman3 (7:06)

Dalby Inferno 2022
Stacy Foxworthy3 (9:31)

Woldsman 50 April 2022
Verity Pick4 & Amanda Dean6 (6:44)

Hardmoors 33
New Year's Day 2022

Jan Draper5
Off-road, 9hrs 10mins (and a lot of mud)


Lakeland 50 July 2021
Jan Draper4
Off-road, under 10 hrs, ≈ 6,000ft climbing!

Leeds Endure July 2021
Amy Bradley5
Ros Barbour

WHL June Club Challenge 50K
6th June: Rachel Whittaker3(6:02)
Sandra Holdsworth (6:25)
10th June: Amanda Dean5 (5:24)
12th June: Cath Dyson2 (7:31)
Stacy Foxworthy2 (6:32)
13th June: Amy Bradley4 (5:25)
19th June: Sara Ellis2 Club Record: 5:03
Kerry-Ann Taylor2(7:41)
Jackie Foreman2(7:41)
20th June: Joanne Drysdale4 (7:18)
Jill Hood2 (7:18)
21st June: Anna Cartwright2 (5:26)

South Downs Way 50 April 2021
Jan Draper3


WHL September Club Lockdown 50K
5th Sep: Rachel Boddice (6:31)

WHL June Club Lockdown 50K
1st June: Amanda Dean (5:17)4
9th June: Sarah Frost (7:55)
12th June: Maria Diaz2 (7:43)
14th June:Jackie Foreman (7:33)
Kerry-Ann Taylor (7:33)
19th June: Jan Draper2 (6:42)
20th June: Sara Ellis (7:52)
Rach Laughton (7:52)
Rachel Whittaker2(6:12)
Shelley Hindley2(6:40)
Anna Shepherdson2 (10:01)
21st June:Amy Bradley3 (6:45)
Jermaine Willan(6:45)
Janet Wardale (7:22)
27th June: Jill Hood (7:38)
Joanne Drysdale3(7:38)
28th June: Gail Farr (6:49)
Diane Pickering (7:15)
Stacy Foxworthy (6:29)
30th June: Jane Allen3 (9:37)

What is the 50K Club?

It is an award presented to any first claim club members who cover 50K (run/walk) within a 12 hour period in an official event with verifiable results OR virtually with verifiable results.

Those reaching the distance are presented with a club 50K Tee Shirt and 50K badge (images below)
at the Annual Presentation dinner .

HOTH August 2019
Cath Dyson, Andrea Thomson, Liz Nicholson3, Sharron Wiley2 2019 HOTH

Midsummer Madness June 2019
Rebecca Johnson, Anna Cartwright, Maria Diaz, Rachel Whittaker 2019 Midsummer Madness
Deja Vu: Jo Drysdale2, Liz Nicholson2, Verity Pick3 & Amanda Dean3

2018-19 Achievers
Amy Brewster & Liz Nicholson 2019
Amanda Dean 2018
Verity Pick 2018
Jill Jameson 2018
Jane Allen, Sharron Wiley, Anna Shepherdson & Jo Drysdale 2018

2018-19 Presentation
50K Tee Shirt Awards - 2019 Presentation Evening

50K Tee
50K Tee
50K Badge
50K Badge


HOTH October 2019
Amy Bradley2 (5:48)

Montane Lakeland 50 July 2019
Liz (2nd claim) & Jan Draper

50K Jan D Lakeland 50

Endure Leeds June 2019
Liz Hobson
Shelley Hindley
Jane Allen2

50K Liz H Endure

Woldsman 50 April 2019
Verity Pick2 & Amanda Dean2

HOTH March 2019
Amy Bradley & Liz Nicholson

50K Amy HOTH


HOTH August 2018
Amanda Dean

50K Amanda HOTH

Lyke Wake Walk July 2018
Verity Pick

50K Verity LWW

Endure Leeds June 2018
Jill Jameson

50K Jill

Midsummer Madness June 2018
Jo Drysdale
Jane Allen
Sharron Wiley
Anna Shepherdson

MM 2018

Note: You cannot earn 100K in 24 hoodie and 50K in 12 Tee Shirt/badge at the same event.
Should you repeat the challenge you will not be awarded a Tee Shirt but will receive a 50K badge.

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