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From Linda

So you’re thinking about joining a running club but are not sure which one to go for. I have, in the past, belonged to a running club which included men and women of various abilities. Sometimes this was quite stressful, men are sometimes a bit competitive and if you’re slower will make you feel inadequate. Even the faster ladies can ignore you.

I started training after a long ‘rest’ of ten year in April this year after losing my precious pet dog, Holly. I was very brave and even entered the Jane Tomlinson 10k run in Hull. Whilst running this race at my leisurely pace I noticed lots of ladies running with nicely coloured vests on, West Hull Ladies. Didn’t think too much about it but the image must have stayed in my mind. I think I needed a club to join to help me to get back into my training properly.

A couple of weeks later I entered the Humber Bridge 10k race, I found this a bit more challenging and hilly with a bit of wind too, I was struggling a bit and slowed down even walking for a while. This lovely girl called Vicky, was looking a little poorly and I was concerned about her and asked her if she was alright, then I noticed that someone on a cycle was looking after her, hugging her and encouraging her. She passed me a few times as she also walked, jogged like I was doing. But the extraordinary thing she did was pat me on the back and told me how well I was doing and encouraged me on. I started running again and was soon through the finish.

I found her to give her a hug and to thank her for supporting me knowing how poorly and upset she was herself she thought of another runner, credit to her. She was stood amongst some West Hull Ladies and I found myself asking if I could join their club.

I was invited to join them in their training the next day which was hill training at the Humber Bridge! Tough for me as I’d just run the 10k (so had they), but how I enjoyed myself. Everyone at every training I’ve attended has been so friendly, no-one leaves you behind if you are slower and the faster girls encourage and spur you along.

So if you’re thinking of joining a running club and you are a lady or girl (there are a variety of ages and abilities), come along and meet up we’d be pleased to have you along.

A runner from Warrington

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