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Anthea Calling all Snail Runners

I will be leading Run/Walk sessions from the club, every Monday and Friday at 6pm.
This is for :-
  • Slow runners 15/16 min/mile who want to get faster.
  • Injured runners who want to ease back into it.
  • Or women who just want to run slow and not feel pressured.... Please spread the word to any of your female friends who you think might be interested.

    The training takes place from: Hull Sports - Latus Training, Chanterlands Ave. Hull Sports - Latus Training, Chanterlands Ave, Hull
    On Mondays and Fridays at 6pm and you will be encouraged to join us for a parkrun on Saturday.

    If you wish to join or find out more, click this link to email the club: westhullladies@outlook.com

    Club Ladies
    Snails Kathryn, Debra, Carol and Anthea