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We meet at the club at 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday (with occasional away nights communicated via email and Facebook) and 6:15pm on Friday

Monday Speedwork Sessions

Speedwork can sound scary but these sessions are suitable for all, whatever your level and they are fun.
The sessions are designed so that after each effort everyone rounds up so, whatever your pace, you will be soon be back with the group and, where appropriate, steadier runners will have a shorter run to the start of the training.

The sessions vary. An example is 'Traffic Lights' which is the following repeated 6-8 times:
  • 1 minute steady (green light)
  • 1 minute working (amber light)
  • 1 minute fast (red light)
    And the terms 'steady, 'working' and 'fast' are your 'steady', your 'working' and your 'fast'

    Wednesday Runs

    We aim to have 3 leaders each week covering 3 pace groups with four distances. This means you can feel comfortable joining in at your level.
    Pace Group 1: 9-10 minutes per mile: distance 10K
    Pace Group 2: approx 11 minutes per mile: distances 4 miles or 10K
    Pace Group 3: 12 minutes per mile or slower: distance4 miles

    Friday Fresheners

    A little something to pep you up for the weekend.
    10 x 1 minute efforts with a 1 minute round up after each.
    The steadiest runners can take a shorter route to the start of the session:


    We also encourage members to do a parkrun. You can find out more from the 'Find a Race' link on the home page.

    Go Virtual

    This entails doing the suggested training or a parkrun (5K run) at your convenience then post on Facebook. It is great encouragement to train when you cannot make it to the club. The leader gathers these posts and produces a Facebook report each week.

    Click on the Contact Us and Facebook links below or left for more information.
    We are a very supportive club. Do not have any worries about giving us a go.

  • Email Us: westhullladies@outlook.com

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